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Create health consciously


Resolve past traumas and experiences


Energize yourself and your body


Accept responsibility & acknowledge change


Transform your body and mind


Express your full potential in the world

Origin acupuncture
Origin acupuncture

Recreating the cycle

Origin was created in 2013, year of the Water Snake according to the Chinese Zodiac. An eternal symbol of healing, the ourobouros represents a cycle of renewal and the return to source energy from which we are created. It is blue like Water, the Element that gives birth to the cycle, which is associated to wisdom, depth of being and the creative force within. My vision of health embodies the deep purification contained in healing and the return to our true essence- the restoration of original nature.

Wellbeing & Pain Relief

Acupuncture treatments for women and pregnant women

Women’s Health & Babies

Laser treatment


Chinese Medicine considers the health of an individual as a whole, taking into account our relationship with nature and surrounding environment. Acupuncture needles are used to guide the Qi (energy) but also to direct us toward the path (Tao), providing us with a way to live harmoniously.