Mona Assaf

Mona-Elizabeth Assaf

Nurturing authenticity

In my teens and twenties, I definitely liked to learn the hard way. I broke many rules and stretched the limits as far as I could take them. To many I seemed reckless, but I realize how that quest was vital for me to learn accountability and responsibility. By the age of 16 I was a strict vegetarian and I started dabbling in self-help books, yoga and martial arts. Evidently I was seeking balance and looking to steady a lifestyle of polarities!

This need to shift my perception moved me to the beautiful East Coast of Australia in 2001, where to my surprise I settled for nearly 7 years. By then I recognized the validity of the heart and mind in wellbeing, the interconnectedness of our body, mind and spirit. Little did I know how useful my passage would be as an integral part of my clinical approach, in understanding the complexities of the soul. I connected with my enthusiasm for global health, as well as my vocation to be of service to others. I had come to know that I derive greatest pleasure by helping others find joy within and lead happier, healthier lives.

After years of training, I worked full time as a Bodyworker and taught Yogalates at the Rocklily Natural Health Care Center on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. When I returned to Montreal, I set up my practice at the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex in 2009 before creating Origin in 2013.


  • Acupuncture diploma, Montreal Canada, 2013
  • Internship in acupuncture for obstetrics & labour, Lasalle Hospital, Montreal Canada, 2013
  • Bachelor Health Science (Chinese Medicine & Complementary Medicine), Sydney Australia, 2008
  • Internship, Jocelyn Natural Fertility Clinic, Sydney Australia, 2006
  • Advanced Diploma Holistic Kinesiology, Sydney Australia, 2004
  • 400h Certificate Swedish Massage, Montreal Canada, 2008
  • Level 5 Hawaiian Massage, Kin Kin Australia, 2005
  • Personal Training Certification, Montreal Canada, 2003

Over the years, I’ve attended numerous seminars and training in Acupuncture, Yoga, Homeopathy, Shamanic practices, Massage therapy, Clairvoyant training, Quantum-Touch technique, Crystal therapy and Essential oils workshops. I continue to learn alongside inspiring mentors and teachers worldwide. For decades, I have been building an inner library, but it is the clinical application since 2004 and my belief in the healing arts, that allows me to transcend this knowledge into each personalized treatment.